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14 May 10

2nd Albox Photo Competition

I know this has nothing to do with Earthships, but it has everything to do with the beautiful countryside we have around us here, so I thought I'd tell you about it. Plus I have another reason which you'll find out about soon.

The competition was open to all in the Almanzora Valley area and the theme was 'Rural Spaces and Almond Blossom'. We could enter a maximum of 3 photos - apparently 100 people entered nearly 300 photos. A minimum amount of colour correction, but no other Photoshop wizzy stuff (like adding in mountains), was permitted.

The 1st prize went to Raul Jorge García de Paredes for "Reflejo I", which I think is stunning - and that mountain really was there.


The 2nd prize went to Ana María Torrecillas Giménez for "Lluvia Sepia", a very subtle photo.


The 3rd prize went to - yes - me! It's called "Edredón de retazos" - Patchwork Quilt - and was taken just up the road from where we currently live.


4th prize went to Miguel Hidalgo García for "Luces de atardecer"


There were cash prizes for the first three winners and a commemorative plate for all four. Here's a piccie of Dave collecting my prize - I was in the uk would you believe, the first time in 7 years!


And here's the plate which was hand made and painted by a local potter - nice eh? I think it'll go really nicely in our kitchen.

Ok, that's enough culture for now, hopefully we'll be back to Earthships next week.



LDArt 2016 190.jpg