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21-22 Feb 2014

Plodipus flooricus

Still plodding on with the floors...

We're trying to stop the fine cracks that are appearing while it's drying. The earthship books say to add fine sand to the mix, but this didn't help. We're now trying fine marble dust along with the cal. It all adds to the strength of the floor so is a good addition, but it doesn't stop the cracks. Dave says they add an antique quality to the finish, I'm happy with that!

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Stage one kitchen spotlights

I've been planning to try out this light fitting for ages so, at last, here is a stage one trial. It's made out of an agave trunk cut in half lengthwise and hollowed out. I then chiseled out a hole for the spotlight, waxed it and Dave wired it up.

For this version we're using one 12 volt LED spot that will run off a car battery. The next version will have 3 LED spots running off the 240 volt solar powered supply (when we get it). We'll also tidy up the wiring and maybe have chain hangers instead of the cord.


Sunseed open days

In the past we've had volunteers from Sunseed who are in Los Molinos del Rio Aguas near Sorbas. I love their place and what they do. We've been on their guided tours, done workshops and ate their delicious vegan lunches and would recommend them. They offer free guided tours weekly, check out their web site and timetable here.

Email request to Paul

This goes out to Paul who emailed us recently for a copy of our Get Started booklet.

I keep emailing you Paul but the emails get bounced back to us - please email us again with another email address!

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