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24-27 Oct 2013

Another 4 days at the 'ship plus the 2 days last week and we're flying ahead... at a snails pace!

That round room wall is taking forever to take back, and we're not even doing it to 30cm as recommended. We're allowing more shelf, about 35cm of it. At least we know the wall is as solid as a rock - literally.


As Dave has been chomping bits out of the wall, I've been filling them back in again, well not really, only one bit that needed building up. These chunks of quartz came out of this hole so it only seems right that they become a feature.

The mud has come from the wall too, I love this earth red colour and am wondering how I can fix the wall to keep it showing through. Think I'll try chumbo juice which is meant to be a good waterproofer, it might work as a fixer too.


Window edging

Last week I papercreted around the triangular windows - the dark bit is the wet stuff. The black bit at the bottom is EPDM which we've tucked up under the bottom of the glass to help water runoff. I am eventually planning to mosaic over this (and around the windows), when? I don't know.


Large planter

I also did another row of cans for the planter wall. The EPDM liner will sit on top of this with a final row of cans and cement on top to hide it. Another job for the distant future.


Electric prep

After spending Thursday afternoon and all day Friday helping Dave with the round room wall I was feeling all walled out by Saturday morning. So I started preparing the top of the earth shelf to take the electricity conduits and junction boxes. This involved clearing away all the vegetation, rocks and bugs, leveling it, then digging a channel. We worked out where all the junction boxes will be going so I also made the holes for those.


Cyborg Mickey Mouse

A little bit scarey, a little bit funny. In fact, I was taking a slug of water when Dave came round the corner looking like this... I nearly choked!


Monster caterpillar

This big monster has been munching its way through my lemon verbena plant. I didn't like to stop it and can't wait to see what monster moth it turns into.

P.S. Colin has kindly emailed to let us know that this is a Death-head Hawk moth caterpillar. Thanks Colin!

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