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April 2014

As another month comes to an end we get a little closer to finishing the walls and floors, which means a little closer to moving in. I have to keep telling myself that so I have the stamina to continue!

Tyre wall finish

Dave has done a sterling job on this wall, he did most of the first and second stage can infill on his lonesome, and most of the final mud layer too. We're getting a lot of cracking during drying, but with a super finely sieved 'fill the cracks' layer that's being sorted.


Limewash walls done

I busied myself finishing the layer of limewash and doing a spot of quartz rock placement.


Level and finish for round room floor

Then I started to level the round room floor. Dave did all the sieving and mixing and hauling buckets.

After leaving it a week to dry I started on the final layer - which meant more sieving and mixing for Dave.

The mix for the final layer uses limewash, marble dust and on site soil which can vary slightly in colour. So I'm making each batch work as an interlocking shape with the next batch. Hopefully when it's all oiled and finished it'll look quite subtle.


Front face cat bed

Our cats are going to love this front face when it's done. I can just see them sprawled out along it - on nice comefy cushions of course. But in the mean time, I did a bit of filling in the gaps to make the nice wide shelf for them. Spoilt cats? Naaaa.


Kitchen wall finish

We threw in this little job of finishing part of the kitchen wall. We're not too bothered about finishing all the walls, just the dusty ones, and this bit was dusty.


Sunseed visit

I know we said that we're not taking visitors or volunteers at the mo, but we had a call from Sunseed who had someone who was desperate to see our 'ship. So we relented and had a lovely day with 4 Sunseeders and did 11 tyres for the water tank. Thanks guys, you did a smashing job.

Me, Andreia, Olav, Stephanie, Ciaran and Dave

Planter fun

The plants we brought over have been loving the life in the earthship - especially this amaryllis which took three weeks to go from sad (see last post) to glad!


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