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15 Oct - 19 Nov 10

15 Oct - 4 Nov

We've been in a bit of a dilemma recently because we have so much to do we don't know which way's up. So, we've made a decision that Dave will spend 2 or 3 days each week at the Earthship working on getting the roof ready for waterproofing and I'll stay home to look after the animals and get this place ready to put on the market.

Doing the extra strengthening on the roof has slowed things up so much but as we're still waiting for Building Permission (don't ask!) it's worked quite well - we really want to get moving with this again though, it feels like it's a bit stuck.

Anyway, Dave has done a fantastic job of getting all the brackets cut, chiseled into position then bolted down. With 58 brackets to do it's taken time but it's now finished - well done Dave!


This is a close-up of the central beam brackets. Look a bit like they've been whooped by the ugly stick? Never fear, when they've been rusted and distressed they'll blend in much better - don't we all?!!


He's also been busying himself making the skylights - here they are nearly finished. We won't glaze them yet.

18 Nov - Sunseed visit

Dave had visitors at the 'ship today - 5 willing helpers from Sunseed.

It was back to leveling that round room floor, digging out the planter and sorting and moving the wood pile. We need about 150 linear metres of wood to make the geodesic dome which we think we have enough left over from the ceiling plank wood. So, as we needed to move the wood pile to free up the space for the water tank, Dave took the opportunity to sort the useable pieces from the split and damaged bits.

below: Patricia, Margot, Robert, Anna and Anna.


The planter is so close to being dug out completely - here it is looking a bit sinister in the dark!

19 Nov

Back on his lonesome again, Dave screwed the strengthening planks in place along the central section of the greenhouse roof.

So that's it, all the earthquake strengthening work done - let's hope it never has to be used!


Then filled in the step between the roof of the greenhouse and the main area roof - below is the before and after pic. It involved a lot of scribing and accurate cutting and there's about 20 to do - I think he's done a grand job and when the bottom end of planks are whitewashed it'll all look really neat.

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