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16 Sep - 8 Oct 10

Busy times

The last month has been even busier than normal, so much so that I haven't had time to update the site until now...

16 Sep

Dave worked on the brackets today - marking them up for drilling, going to the metalworks to get them drilled, bolting them in place and marking up the opposite brackets for drilling.

And I carried on digging the planter - which is beginning to look like a planter!

16sep102 16sep101

25 Sep

My birthday weekend. Dave treated me to a day on the beach picking up rubbish - he takes me to the best places ya know! Just joking, it was national clean beach day so we went along with a local dive club to 'do' the beach at Villaricos, then went for a stroll along the front and had lunch. It was a fabulous day, calm sea, sunny, what more could a gal ask for.

IMG 0625crop500

29 Sep - 1 Oct

Dave spent a few days at the 'ship working on those pesky brackets. He forgot to take the camera so no piccies, but I think you've seen enough of those brackets (I know Dave has!). More drilling, marking and driving to the metalworks. He got the whole of the front face done and part of the middle section - well done Dave.

1 Oct - 3 Oct

Sunseed invited me to join them for a weekend course on Permaculture. I've been interested in it for ages and have been doing lots of reading, but there's nothing quite like hands on doing. It was an inspirational weekend with loads of info, demos, practical, theory, yummy food and great people - I would recommend it to anyone. Check out their site for the next one and other courses they're running this autumn. Sunseed courses

And if anyone's interested in doing a Permaculture course in Morrocco there's one going on in two weeks time - 22 - 31 Oct. Email or

Below: The walkway leading to the outside dining area at Sunseed


8 Oct

And to put some of what I learnt into action, Kirsty and Amme (who tutored the course at the weekend) brought a group to the earthship today to see what all this earthshipping is about and do a reccie to help set me off creating a plan for planting. I know we haven't even finished the 'ship yet, but trees take a loooong time to grow.

They also got down to more planter digging, almond picking and clearing the inside shelf ready for conduit to go in - thanks for all your help guys.

From left: Jo, Caitlin, Kirsty, Kat, Amme and Jon.


Kat giving it some welly on the demo tyre - go girl!