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24 Jun 11


Dave started early today, more stuffing cork, more cork dancing. I joined in when I arrived, then Leo and Paul from Sunseed arrived and joined in too. It wasn't long before we'd finished the front face roof. Here's Dave putting the last screws in place.


After lunch we went for a walk to show Leo and Paul where the main 'ship will be. On the way back we spotted this little chap - cool isn't he? He's about as big as a mans thumb with a huge spike on his bum, so as much as I was interested in him I didn't get too close. I later looked him up in my trusty Complete Mediterranean Wildlife book and apparently he's an Ephippiger, well I say he but there's every likelyhood he is a she. It says in the book that the female has an ovipositor which could be the big spikey thing on her bum.


After lunch it was back to 'stuff and dance', only now we were starting on the main roof area - yehey. This meant fixing down the frame, fitting the skylight and more complicated cutting of the plywood around the skylight.

Before the skylights went in an extra piece of plastic was cut to complete the vapour barrier around them, here's Dave and Paul fitting it and finally the skylight in, which took a bit of jiggery pokery with all of us helping - it's a nice snug fit.


A big thank you to Leo and Paul, great team work.

Check out the Owl House that Leo built.