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25 May - 3 Jun 2012

25 - 26 May

All beams secured in place, ceiling planks going on.


Planter shaping continuing plus floor leveling.


I'd planned to cut a double seat into the rock, but have decided to do a single instead as it's.. well.. rock hard! The rock you see sticking out of the floor is staying, after toying with it for a while - and realising it goes as deep as Australia - I've decided to make it a feature.


2-3 Jun

After an extremely busy week doing non earthship stuff we decided to have a bit of a restful weekend. So we moseyed on over to Sunseed in the afternoon to collect the cane they'd very kindly cut and stripped for us, strapped it to the top of the car and took it back to the earthship.

By the time we'd unloaded the car it was evening and time to go to an art exhibition we'd heard about at Lucainena. Our neighbours Pete and Maggie came along with us, and, after a lovely drive through the mountains, we enjoyed diverse art in the beautiful surroundings of an eco retreat in El Saltador, Lucainena.

So, Sunday morning we started bright and early before the sun heated things up and worked out how to attach the cane to the dome structure. It took a while and a little experimentation but we got there and are very pleased with the results.


As part of the experimentation I tried a traditional method used years ago in this area of making string from Esparto grass.