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2 May 08

Doors, glorious doors

Last week we missed our day for working on the Earthship but found these instead, and what a find. We'd been a visiting in Almeria and stopped off in Sorbas to drop in the Project of Actuation. The local ayuntamiento (council) office is having a facelift which meant that these doors were destined for the dump....oh no they're not! Never ones to walk past a skip we asked permission from the site foreman, spent a while tracking down and persuading our local builders merchant, Enrique, to come and help us collect them and here we have it, 100 year old solid wood doors for the price of the collection.


Enrique and Dave with our lovely 'new' doors.

Back to roofing...

...and our sharp learning curve. We realised today after much pondering that to make sure the next stage of the roofing sits as flat as possible we need to grade the beams from front to back so that the differences in size between them is minimal. I know we've already put a few beams on and with hindsight we should've graded to start with, but we are learning on the job and we do get a bit carried away in our excitement sometimes. Anyway, we started by laying them out in matching pairs which seemed an ideal time to paint them with the Fondo wood protector.

Somehow this took all day - how did that happen? We try to do all our planning at home so when we're at the land we can just do, but the best laid plans......