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6 & 12 Nov 08

Hello everyone, did you think we'd fallen off the face of the earth...ship? I think we overdid it through the summer - it was a very hot summer - and really couldn't find the energy to do any earthship work. But, after nearly 2 months, we're back and raring to go.

6th Nov

We hoped the fairies would've been in and finished bashing in the rebar, alas not. So our first job was to finish bashing in the rebar through that solid granite rock. The shock waves reverberating through our bodies on every hit reminded me of a Tom & Jerry cartoon where the ever suffering Tom gets lifted off the ground and shaken 'til his teeth rattle. Our hands (especially Dave's who did most of the bashing) couldn't hold anything properly for the next 2 days. But we did it, they're all in ready for the next layer of wood to go on. Below is Dave trimming down the end of one of the rebars that refused to go any further.


Our next job was very enjoyable, we did a spot of wood chiselling to allow the wood to sit flush over the rebar - much more my style.


Here's the finished piece of wood ready to be put on.

12th nov - open day

Well, sort of an open day. Since the Lifestyle article in August we've had a few people interested in coming to see our 'ship. Also Derek and Ingrid from Holland were planning a trip to Spain to visit earthships and look at the possibility of building one here. So we decided to have one day where anyone who wanted to could come along and see what we're doing.

As it turned out a few couldn't make it but we still had a good turn out. There's so much interest in living in an environmentally friendly way now that it almost gives me hope for the planet and humans.


Above: Dave putting off the moment when he had to demonstrate tyre thumping. Below: Josephine.


Food - save money, save the planet

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