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Adios my friends

gone to lunch

September 2016

So we've just had the mother of all two weeks here in (what used to be) happy earthship land.

I won't say too much more, but we're shutting down the visitor and volunteer programme. Sorry to all you genuine kind hearts out there and all those who contacted us about coming in October. But we've just had two of the most upsetting experiences that have put us right off inviting strangers into our beautiful home.

"Emotional bullies are not welcome here, please leave your personal baggage at home" was what I should've put in bold letters on our volunteer page!

Still building, still living the simple life

We're still building earthship style and still living a simple life, looking after the local eco system as best we can. It's something we've enjoyed sharing, but we feel so bruised after our recent experiences that I can't even think about continuing with this blog.

Maybe in a few months we'll be back, maybe not.


So for now, we're saying goodbye

All you genuine earthship and geodesic dome builders out there we wish you the best of luck with your builds. You can still check out the wealth of info on this web site that we've shared during our build over the last 9 years.

You can also still get the "Get Started On Your Own Earthship" pdf booklet as well.

We may shut the site down soon though, or maybe make it private. Which is a shame, but that's what happens when uncaring, insensitive people take advantage - everyone loses out :-(

Getting peace in nature

So, enough for now. I need to go and cleanse the negative energy from our beautiful environment and take some well needed peace in nature.


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