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Have you seen us in the news?

May 2020 has been so exciting I just have to share with you.

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Monica, a reporter at, to do an interview about our earthship home. Apparently interest in alternative living and specifically earthships has been on the rise since lockdown started. Of course we said yes and spent an hour answering her questions in a very enjoyable WhatsApp interview.

When the article was published the following week we had lots of sign ups to our earthship blog (hello and welcome newbies) and a couple of Media Agencies contacted us as well as WGN TV Chicago for a live interview - eeek!

Actually, I must admit, as shy as I am when in a crowded room, get me in front of a tv camera and my inner diva comes flooding out ;-)

After choosing one of the Media Agencies to give our story to - I never even knew Media agencies existed until two weeks ago - we were then in The Daily Mail online as a 6 minute read. This has led to a few other requests for our story so watch this space.

Laura Dave earthship 1024

A few questions answered

The Daily Mail article has a comments section where some really interesting questions/comments arose. I thought these were worth answering more fully. Go to the Recently Asked Questions page to read them.

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