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Free Knitting Patterns

As you probably know I'm a knitafrolic - I love to knit!

I learnt to knit as a kid and have been knitting, on and off, ever since. And in the last few years I've also turned my hand to crochet.

Although I love pawing over knitting (and crochet) patterns designed by others and have knitted a fair few Patricia Roberts patterns, I generally like to write my own, so they're just as I want them to be - which normally involves bringing the best out of the wools I use. As you can imagine, over the years I've built up quite a collection of these patterns which I've now decided to publish.

Most of these patterns are perfect for beginner knitters, so if you've just learned or want to learn, give them a try. I'm sure you'll love the results. Knitting accessories is great for beginners because you get quick results, and if something does go wrong, which can happen to the best of us, it's easy to unpick and start again without loosing too much time.

Converting my shorthand scribbled patterns, that I understand but no one else would, into comprehensive working patterns is taking time. So although as part of the Cuevas de Sol Earthship policy we offer pdfs for free, I would appreciate a donation if you can. It means I can dedicate more time to writing patterns to share with you.

I heart knitting
Rustic Fingerless Gloves
Rustic Fingerless Gloves
PDF knitting pattern
Fluffy Cloud Yoga Socks
dk hat knitting pattern
Rustic Slouchie Hat

Please note: I manually email the pdf patterns to you so there may be a time delay between the Paypal transaction and you receiving it. I aim to get it to you within 24 hrs but if you haven't received it within 2 days email me.

KnitaFrolic. Please do not sell, copy or distribute these patterns. But feel free to sell items made using them.

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