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Earthship Merry Christmas 2019

Hi there

It's been a long time but just wanted to pop in here and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a 2020 full of peace and joy.

Bee Xmas 300

I know this time of year can be busy, so I'll keep this brief.

There's been a lot happening in Earthship land, most of it over at Laura Davies Art

The earthship is still a work in progress but I've had to concentrate my energy in one place as there's just not the hours in the day to keep two sites running.

So if you'd like to hear the earthship and eco art news you could pop over to Laura Davies Art and sign up. And if you do it quick you'll be entered into the FREE prize draw to win a Bee print. It's happening on Christmas Eve with the winner being notified on Christmas Day - my little Christmas pressie to you.

Enter Free prize draw competition

As a little tidbit, there's a new area called Eco Makes where free and paid tutorials will be available, all based on eco friendly art and craft materials and/or practises. The first freebie is a festive Coffee Packet Snowflake to start you off.

Plus, all profits from sales of my originals, tutorials and prints will be going towards protecting the wild lands around the earthship.

I'll be writing more about why we need to do this in 2020 and keeping you up to date on how it's going - over at Laura Davies Art.

IMG 0692

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