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11 Sep 08

Wood meets tyres

The wood for the front bond beam was delivered today. First job was treating it, next putting the plastic on the tyres, then pinning the wood to the tyres.

11sep081 11sep082

Solid rock meets metal

Do you remember the trouble we had levelling the far end of the front section to place the tyres? Well, we're back to that big 'ole piece of solid granite. This time we're trying to bash the rebar into it. One things for sure, once it's in it ain't going nowhere!

Dave wanted to try out his idea of using rebar at a 45 degree angle cutting down on the use of cement (the books detail using bolts set in concrete in every other tyre). We're putting in two pieces of 80cm lengths of rebar into every other tyre - see diagram below. The main trick we learnt today was to pin the pieces of wood together temporarily so they don't slip apart when bashing in the rebar.


Eco Articles

We've written another article for Levante Lifestyle Magazine. The magazine comes out towards the end of this month, but if you'd like to read the article online now click here.


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