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27 May 10


Building Regulations

As you know, we'd been advised to stop all work on the roof while the architects sorted out how we can comply with the rules for seismic zones. We think it's nearly there now and it seems we won't have to take the roof off (phew), but we still need to finalise details.

As it's been nearly 6 months of no work we're getting a bit concerned that if we don't get back to it soon we won't get the roof waterproofed by the autumn rains.

Sun tan lotion

While Dave spent the morning working out how we can add the strengthening to the roof beams, I put some suntan lotion (factor 12 teak oil) on the front face woodwork. It's been bleached a rather nice soft white which I really like, although the wood is looking in need of nourishment in places. The oil has brought out the grain losing the lovely bleached quality of the wood, but I'm sure it's a temporary thing!


Disappearing act

We were chuffed to bits to see how the plants have covered all the bare ground, both in front of and on the berm of the 'ship making it almost invisible from certain angles.


Back at home

We have a baby hedgehog!

He's tiny so I'm hoping he's old enough to be away from his mum who we can't find. I'm calling him him, but I have no idea if it's male or female.

Does anyone have tips on looking after little ones?

hedgehog2500 hedgehog1500


LDArt 2016 190.jpg