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Kyero podcast on our earthship DIY build

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Back in the Autumn I was contacted by Kyero, a resource for people wanting to live in Spain. They were really interested in our earthship build and asked if I'd do a podcast interview for them, well I couldn't say no could I?!

Now I'm a bit shy and public speaking is not something I go out of my way to do. I'm much more a writing kinda gal as it gives me a chance to think about what I'm going to say, but answering questions on an interview - eeek! I must say though Beth Davison, the interviewer, was so lovely and put me at my ease straight away.

Here's a link to the podcast.

Please excuse my many ums and errs, this is me thinking about the question and trying to answer it fully. Remember the line in Pulp Fiction where Uma Thurma asks if John Travolta is a listen to the question or a wait to talk person? I'm a listen to the question person, which means I'm a bit slower at answering, hence lots of ums and errs. I'd never make a good politician as I don't have stock answers that I use whatever the question I'm being asked.

So, have a listen and let me know what you think - did I answer the questions, or did I wait to talk? ;-)

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