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Earthship biotecture Creator of earthships

Valencia earthship Oscar & Lisa Janes Build in Valencia

Wikipedia Earthship description

Sunseed Desert Technology aims to develop, demonstrate and communicate accessible, low-tech methods of sustainability in a semi-arid environment.

Normandy Earthship, France Frances first authorized earthship

Navitron UK Suppliers of off-grid power systems, heating systems etc

Low Carbon Trust The Low Carbon Trust is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed in 2001. One of their first projects was Earthship Brighton.

Ascot Hygiene Low energy, point of use electric water heaters - great for saving water and electricity and they're tiny so fit into all sorts of spaces.

Geodesic Domes Desert domes site - a calculator to help you work out the sizes of parts for your dome plus info on how to construct a bamboo dome.

Eco Almeria A blog that brings together all that is eco in the Almeria area

Living in Paper The inspiration for the papercrete covering on our dome.

MT-Best Australia This has to be the most eco friendly fridge in the world...

Cal Earth Beautiful superadobe domes, vaults and arches.