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vol1_spanish_cover.jpg La Navetierra
Como Construir la Suya en Formato de Libro Electrónico. Earthship Biotecture presenta la version en espanol.

comfortinanyclimate.jpg Earthship: Comfort in any climate
This is the entry level book if you're interested in building an Earthship and would like to know their basics before going any further.
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earthshipbook1.jpg Earthship Volume I
How to Build Your Own - The first of the four must have books if you're planning to build your own Earthship. This book takes you through how to build the basic shell of the building.
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earthshipbook2.jpg Earthship Volume II
Systems & Components - the second of the must have books if you're going to build your own. This book shows you how to fit the Earthship, with everything from the electrics, water systems, fire places, stairs and lots more. It even shows you how to make your own kitchen and doors - fantastic.
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earthshipbook3.jpg Earthship Volume III
Evolution Beyond Economics - the third in the series was written a few years after Volumes I & II. It details climatic adaptations, evolutions in the basics and shows how to retrofit a wooden house and build a straw bale temporary structure for living in while building the main Earthship. As well as all sorts of newly designed components like a solar toilet.
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waterfromthesky.jpg Water from the Sky
This is an excellent book that takes you through, in good detail, how to create water catchment from your roof and how to set up the planters inside to clean the water. It has good detailed diagrams and some lovely colour photos of Earthships.
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garbagewarrior.jpg Garbage Warrior DVD
A fascinating insight into Michael Reynolds, the architect who designed Earthships.
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sustainableenergy.jpg Sustainable Energy - without the hot air
I found this book very interesting, a simple explanation of the energy required and contained in fuel etc. Many thanks to the author David JC Mackay This is also available for free download from
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