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Rustic Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern


These fingerless gloves are made using a hand dyed rare breed Wensleydale dk yarn. They're knitted in the round, so no seams, and are perfect for beginners.

STITCHES Cast on, knit, purl, increase and cast off.

LEVEL Ideal for beginners.

SUGGESTED YARN 1oz (25gms) Double knit (dk), sport weight rare breed Wensleydale, but any dk yarn will work - do a tension square.

SIZE Adult. Circumference at the widest part 18cm (7") by 15cm (6") long.

I'm offering this pattern for free but it takes me a while to write and test a pattern so a donation to our share info fund would be much appreciated - I have to earn a living at something! (btw, it's available on my Etsy shop for 3.00)

Of course, if you really don't want or can't afford to make a donation I'll happily send it to you, just email me.

To receive your pattern simply select the amount you'd like to donate (or enter your own amount in the box below) and click the Paypal button. This will take you to a Paypal page. Once your donation has been accepted by Paypal I'll send you your pdf of the pattern.

green wensleydale gloves

Please note: I manually email the pdf pattern to you so there may be a time delay between the Paypal transaction and you receiving it. I aim to get it to you within 24 hrs but if you haven't received it within 2 days do email me.

KnitaFrolic. Please do not sell, copy or distribute this pattern. But feel free to sell items made using it.

Different colours for different moods

The beautiful Wensleydale wool I used to make these gloves was hand dyed by Lamington Lass Yarns in Lewes. She sells on Etsy and can do orders for specific colours if you wish. Here's some of the other colours I've made using these hand dyed yarns.

purple wensleydale gloves aubergine wensleydale gloves
range of wensleydale gloves

Add a little decoration for an extra special pair

I knitted this pair for a friend and added a little frivolous decoration using scraps of silk, thread and beads.

Simply sew them onto the centre of the glove and you have a unique handmade with love gift for a friend.

handmade with love gloves
turquoise wensleydale gloves

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