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1-8 Jul 2012

Great Expectations

Life sometimes comes with expectations, which when there's a large group of people often differ. This unfortunately led to a 2 week volunteer gathering turning into a 1 weeker.

It didn't start very well, everyone was supposed to turn up on the Sunday and by their own steam. What actually happened was that people turned up in dribs and drabs from Sunday to Wednesday, leaving Dave to drive around collecting people from various places - the furthest being Almeria. We know the football was on with Spain in the finals on Sunday and some were hitching to get to us, so we let it go and tried to make the best of it. The confirmed 11 had turned into 8.

A loo to be proud of

Lai Ting and Joanna digging the hole that will be the compost toilet. And Lai Ting trying it out for size. This old chair has been sitting in our front garden for months wanting something to do - we think we found it the perfect job!


The African bucket bath set up. It was close enough to the relaxing area so you could have a chat while taking a wash.


Willy and Jacobo doing a fine job on the west interior wall.


Bottle preparation

Juan and Joanna scraping the labels off the bottles ready for them to be cut.


Jos found the esparto grass and set up a weaving centre! He's left us with some lovely examples and a starter set up - can't wait until I get the time to give it a go.

More wall work...


Lai Ting and Joanna shredding the paper for the fidobe.


Osvaldo doing the finishing touches to the tyre wall at the back of the dome.


Dave doing the east corner roof - a tricky join between a rectangle and a circle.