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10 Jan 08


Just when we thought we'd finished all the tyre work, we're back to it again.

To finish off the end of the greenhouse and allow for the addition of the round room we need to build the end corner out of tyres. This will be the start of the front wall to the round room, the end wall of the greenhouse and the wing wall holding in the bermed soil. It's only 4 tyres high at it's maximum height, so not too much pounding to do.

We finished 10 1/2 tyres with 3 working at any one time. This is Rose and Torsten doing their stint.


...and footings

To continue on from last weeks epic digging session, we had even more to do today. Luckily we had the help of Sunseed again so work went really well and all the footings for the 4 columns have been dug. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sunseed!

Enrico, Alexis, Simon and Dave, with Rose and Torsten in the background.


Below - the footing for the round room columns and door. This hole was so hard to dig, it was into what felt like solid rock. It seems such a shame to dig out solid rock only to fill it again with concrete, but needs must.

Alexis, Giacomo and Dave watching Enrico check the size of the hole. This was at the very end of the day when even watching was hard work.