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20 Dec 07


A cold and grey day saw the start of the roofing. This is the bond beam. Anne (behind the camera lens) and Harvey came to see what it's all about and lend a hand. They have a cave house that they're thinking could be adapted. Sounds like a perfect idea to me.


Rebar spikes being pounded through the wood into the tyres. We did drill holes to start them off and the two pieces of wood are nailed together too.


As pressure treated wood was hard to find we painted the wood with Xylazel Fondo, a product we found easily available locally that prevents bug invasion, water damage and mould/fungi growth all in one go. We'll do a final coat of this when all the wood is in place too.


Happy Christmas

Hope you all have a snuggly Christmas. It's been really cold here for the past few days (actually, the past few weeks). So our thoughts that we might spend Christmas Day on the land doing more bond beam work and having a bbq have been shelved. We'll probably end up lying on the sofa eating too many mince pies watching Eastenders.....