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20 Feb 08

Cemented end blocks

With help from Sunseed the 2 end blocks we prepared last time have been filled with the bars in place to take the bond beam.


Raspberry cane planting

I know they're not indiginous and I know the climate isn't ideal for them. But we have raspberry canes in our garden at the moment and they've been doing so well I've had to thin out the canes. So what to do with the extra canes? It's against my nature just to throw them away so we thought we'd try them on the land. We've planted them in the shade of a broom plant, well some in, some out and we'll see how they go....

Btw, the onions are doing really well. No sign of rabbit damage and they're standing upright now.

I also planted a couple of sticks of fig. Again I've been pruning ours at home and pulled up some suckers with roots on. Evi, who's an expert with trees and dry land planting, gives them a 40% chance of survival. Not great but it's worth a bash.


Front tyre wall

Levelling and pounding and chunking out the rock, yes it seems to be coming out ok with the help of the electric thumper. I'm sort of sad to see it go but it's a bit big to keep in the house.




more pounding


Sunseed team from left, Evi, Luís, Fran, Freser and Emil. Thanks for all your help with both planting and pounding.