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10 Apr 08

With 40km winds gusting up to 60kms today has certainly cleared any cobwebs in our heads.

Bedar Sostenible

Jeanne and Josephine from the Bedar Sostenible group joined us today. They're going to write an article about our build to go into their quarterly newsletter, but more than that they're really keen to maybe build an earthship as a community project themselves. What a lovely idea.

Thank you for all your help today and good luck with your own projects.


As you can see we've started putting the beams in place. The front and back beams go on first so we can tie a string between them. We'll use this to make sure the tops of all the beams are in line with each other.


front view


Here's the joint we prepared last week. The bolt sticking out of the top is just a temporary thing, we'll replace it with a piece of rebar cut to the correct length.

We've used a small block of wood to shim up in the centre here because of the taper of the beams. We might chip out a bit from the other ends of the beams so we don't have to have this. It all depends on whether we can get them off the rebars next week. By the time we put these beams on we were so battered by the wind our brains were too rattled for lateral thought.