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17 Apr 08

Wind burn?

Can't believe we've had 40 km winds again today - and rain, it's been dry and peaceful all week. We almost turned round and went straight back home again. But, fair weather builders we are not, well actually we are, but it's a long drive and there's the wasted diesel to think about.... so we took a deep breath and got on with it.

By the end of a very windy, cloudy, rainy day Dave thought his ears, neck and head were sunburnt, I think they're wind burnt.

Minor adjustments

Having had time to think about it and seeing the results of the shim-up we did last week, we've decided to change it. The beams are pinned in place so there's no moving them, but we can chomp out underneath them. It was a slow job, but we think it's worth it. Here's one of the outer edge joins chomped out and ready to be bashed down in place.


We've taken out the centre shiming which means the beams sit directly on top of the central beam - a much neater finish don't you think?


Onto the third set of beams

We'd already cut out the central notches last week. So all we had to do was haul them into place and roll them down the central beam into position. We marked exactly where they were to go, prepared the shimming for the outer edges and Dave flattened off the top of the central beam slightly. Next he drilled the holes to take the rebar.

Then he cut the rebar to the right lengths, smoothed off the edges....


....and bashed them into place. Well actually that's me bashing them in. Just wanted to prove that I work as well as man the camera.


Here's the third set of beams in place and finished. It's a long process, but now we've done it a few times we think we've got the hang of it. So hopefully the next 6 will go on a bit quicker - and without the wind please?