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15 Jul 11

Sleepy heads

It's been a long few weeks, lots of physical work and long, long days. Even so we decided to start even earlier today to try and beat the sun. So we collected Clive at 6.30am - yes, 6.30am, before even the sun was up!!!

When we arrived on site we quickly checked the roof and found puddles of dew, we're hoping when the whole roof is painted these will add to it's water collection potential. Although a steeper pitch might have been better to catch every last drop.

Sand bags to match my eye bags

I forgot to mention yesterday that while I was waiting to paint the bitumen I was filling sand bags ready to edge the roof.

Do you remember all that lovely cork? Well it turned up in huge sacks that simply have to be used for something. So one sleepless night while I was mulling over how to edge the roof without using cement, I remembered the sacks and a web site I'd seen a few years ago showing houses made of sand bags. And then the idea was born. On our way home on Wednesday we stopped at our local friendly grain supplier who was happy to stitch up a few sacks for us. I cut them in half and he stitched them with his special grain sack stitcher. We made long thin sacks which are a perfect size to edge the roof. It needs edging to stop the second berm earth spilling onto it.


AT LAST we're waterproof. And the first coat of paint has been done all over and even on the front face and sides.

We've left bitumen hanging over the edges that will later be joined into other roof areas. Also, the front face (below) has been fixed temporarily with a wood batten. Eventually this will have a full wood facia with the bitumen behind.

Bottom: Dave and Clive after a very long day - thank you so much Clive, your experience was invaluable.


Here are all the stages - you can see what I meant now about Black and White and Red all over - ish.

The white needs 2 more coats at least, but we're chuffed to bits to have done this much.