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6 June 08

Planning news

We had really good news today. The Diputacion of Almeria has given the go ahead for the main build - yippee!!! They said that normally a building would not get approval on this type of land, but given the nature of the project they would give one-off permission for it to go ahead.

The next stage is for Sorbas town council to give final approval. There's a town council meeting on the 9th June so we're hoping it will get raised then.

9th June - Just a quick extra note, the town council meeting was this morning. The project has been approved - double yippee. So we're onto the last stage which is the approval being published in the Official Bulletin of the Province.


Not much to show for all our hard work today. We spent our time cutting notches, here they are.

We're doing it with a hand saw because we don't have anything else that will do it accurately enough. It's a bit like the tyre pounding, you just have to accept it's going to take as long as it takes and get on with it.


Plant news

The onions as you can see are doing ok. Whatever was eating their tops has stopped which is a relief. They should be a lot bigger by now though, in fact ready for harvesting. I'm not sure if it's the quality of the soil or the limited watering. We'll leave them for a few more weeks to see if they continue to grow.


The raspberries are struggling on. Out of the 7 planted 3 are still sprouting new leaves, one even has a flower bud on it. The other 4 (3 of which were planted in full sun) are leafless. I'm not giving up on them yet as one started to sprout from the ground a while ago.

In contrast, our raspberries at home are giving us about a kilo a week. They were planted about 3 years ago and are in part sun part shade. I seem to remember they struggled in their first year too.

I think the satsuma tree has settled in a bit now. It seems to have stopped dropping it's leaves - it dropped loads to start with which is why it's nearly bald. Hopefully now we've reached a stage where it has gotten over the trauma of the move and will start repairing and establishing it's root system.

As for the figs, I'm not even going to photo the two dried up sticks that remain of them. I'm still watering them ever hopeful that their roots are still good.