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20-22 Jul 2012 cont...

Luckily the bitumenosa dried in super quick time so that Dave and Zaida could get the bitumen on.


Ovando got back to chipping away at the back wall to make a nice gentle curve and guess what I did? More caning.


As soon as the bitumen was in place I had finished all the green cane we'd cut on Friday so got straight on with painting the bitumen white. This first layer is watered down about 50%. It dried almost immediately so I could do a second layer (less watered down) and a third layer (even less watered down). It'll need one more layer I think and I might do another coat on the rest of the roof while I'm at it.


While I was doing that Dave and Ovando started preparing the cement for the inner wall footings and Zaida did some more can infilling as well as helping when needed.

22jul1201 22jul1204

It all got a bit fraught by 2pm because we were due to stop for lunch but we had 2 door frames to position in the wet cement footings, fidobe to use up and all the packing away to do ready to leave by 5pm to meet Zaida's parents in La Alfoquia, 45 minutes drive away.

So, to cut a long and busy story short, we all mucked in and got the bathroom door frame positioned. The utility room frame will have to wait until next week. Zaida helped finish the last of the roof painting and I used up the fidobe on the can and bottle front face wall. I stopped taking photos of the process and just took these at the end. We had lunch and packed up tents, food stuffs and work tools, squeezed it all in the car and left at 5.02pm would you believe.


A big thank you to Zaida and Ovando. We're glad you enjoyed your stay and that it's helped you with your future earthship projects.