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3 Jun 10


In a bid to finish off the planking for the ceiling, we spent today boraxing the final planks - about 32. Yes - Dave has at last had to pick up a paintbrush! It didn't take him long to realise what a long job this has been. After building up a backlog of treated planks I started giving them their whitewash.

Can't believe I didn't take a photo of Dave paintbrush in hand, you'll just have to make do with another view of the 'ship hiding in the grasses.



I'm writing this on Thursday 10th June, the day we should've been at the earthship putting those treated and painted planks onto the roof, why I hear you ask aren't you there doing it then? Because we found a tiny kitten abandoned in our neighbours garden on Monday night. She's still suckling and needs feeding quite often, even though she looks old enough to be weened. I really don't understand how someone could've left her to fend for herself. Cute eh? Anyone want a kitten?

IMG 0377crop500