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8 Jul - 5 Aug 10

8, 15 & 22 July 10

Well, putting those ceiling planks on really did me in. I think I'd caught a bug the week before, or maybe I gave myself sun stroke, whatever it was I spent the next week in bed or sprawled on the sofa so we didn't work on the 'ship.

The following week I'd managed to get back on my feet, but was still not feeling right so Dave worked on his own. After collecting the brackets from the metalworker he spent the rest of the day fitting a few of them.

Still not feeling right but determined to do some work on the 'ship we spent this weeks work day measuring, planning and tinkering. I also noticed that the brackets had been made with rounded corners - making them look really naff - so the ones that will be visible have to be remade :-(

29 July 10

Colin and Julia, my big bruv and his girlfriend, came for a few days and were keen to do some work on the 'ship - and who are we to argue - so we set them to it. I've been wanting to clear the floor in the main hut area of all the rocks and piles of earth for ages, so that's what we did. We also did a bit of planter shaping, which might sound sedate but as a lot of it is into solid rock it's full on pick-ax work.

29jul101 29jul102

After lunch we'd got our breath back enough to smile again.


5 Aug 10

We had a visit from 6 Sunseeders today - nice to have you back on site guys.

There were all sorts of jobs to be done - trimming the ends of the beams ready for the perimeter insulation, adding extra screws to the planks on the greenhouse roof, more planter work and leveling the floor of the round room, phew!

Louise and I don't like spiders so it seemed fitting that we were the ones working in what is now nicknamed "the spider pit' - previously known as the round room. I have never in my life seen so many BIG spiders - and I mean HUGE spiders - all in one place. It was good in a way because when I was working in our garden the next day and came across a spider I didn't even flinch - call yourself a spider? - pah, you're just a tiddler!

Below: Marc and Laura trimming the beams, Dave and Bob adding screws to the ceiling planks.

5aug101 5aug102
5aug104 5aug103

Above: Sole and Dan shaping the planter, Louise leveling floor in 'the spider pit'.

Filling a tyre demo - even after filling nearly 200 tyres it still amazes me how much soil it takes to fill one. And in this heat it feels like double.


From left to right: Laura, Sole, Louise (sitting), Dan, Bob and Marc.