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2 & 9 Sep 10

2nd Sep

The first stage of installing the roof brackets is done - yehey. We made a concerted effort today and did all the front face left side brackets. Now we just need to mark them up, get them drilled at the metal shop, drill holes through beam, chisel out the right side brackets, mark them up for drilling, get them drilled at the metal shop and bolt them in place. Wish I hadn't started this paragraph, that'll teach me for feeling smug about what we'd done today.

Anyway, here's me chiseling away (yes, that's a lot of grey hairs you see). It's not often I see the top of my head - and am I glad about that!


And here's the finished beams.


9 Sep

It's Dave's birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE - his birthday present was to have a day off earthshipping (and all other work, including house chores) and me as his servant for the day.