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15-17 Dec 10

Carpentry capers

Dave has been working hard to get the roof ready for waterproofing. He spent three days last week and three this week on it. We're so close now we can almost smell the cork insulation ;-)

Below are the fascia panels he's been scribing away at.


This is the main cricket structure almost complete...


and with the wooden planks in place, sort of -

As well as doing all this he also had a meeting with the town planning officer to move along our building permission application. As you know, it's been held in a huge queue at the Diputacion in Almeria since January 2010. When we finally heard it had been looked at and sent back to the town council in Sorbas we got all excited thinking it was done. How disappointed were we to find out they only wanted confirmation that we'd put it in within the year timescales allowed - which of course we had. So now it's back to the waiting game....


Lastly the skylights, which took a lot more scribing and jiggery pokery to get them sitting neatly on our rustic roof. Dave's getting so good at it I might get him scribing this blog now, ha ha.

17dec106 17dec107

Thought I'd finish with this sea of clouds and a big thank you to Dave for working so hard, he's doing a splendid job. When he eventually got home on Friday evening he was pooped and muttering that he never wanted to scribe it looks like you're stuck with me folks.