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24 April 11

A weeks worth of work

Dave met Theo, a fellow Earthshipper from Sweden, in Sorbas and they both made their way to the 'ship to spend a week getting that darned roof frame finished. If the weather had been more forgiving it would've been done, as it was they did a stirling job in between torrential bouts of rain.

Theo has been woofing in the Alpujaras and has been working on an Earthship in Sweden. They're hoping to be ready to put the roof on this summer so a spot of roofing with us was a good learning experience for him - well we hope it was.

Below shows how the roof frame spread across as the week went on...


a bit more...


and even more, this time with it's cover on...

Each long section took half a day to finish with two working pretty much flat out.


And then the rain came so the covers went on...



Talking of rain, it's the first time Dave has been at the Earthship when it's been pouring down, so he got to see where the water was coming in and made makeshift gutters to redirect it - they filled every container we had with rainwater.

24apr113 24apr114

gutters galore....


When it's raining

What a perfect time to make mud pies to fill in bits of the wall inside (below left) and chip away a bit more of the planter (below right).

24apr117 24apr116

Geodesic dome

And when it's raining even more, time to go undercover and start the geodesic dome for the round room. They tried it in place in between the rain, that section stayed in place - no nails or anything else holding it - just shows you how well it's going to work, how strong it'll be. I love it.


Theo and the geodesic



It's been a while since we've seen sunlight at the back of the 'ship. Looks like the Angel Gabriel is coming down to have a chat with Theo....

24apr1113 24apr1112


A few friends came to visit on Sunday, we laid out a picnic and had a lovely relaxed time, chatting about earthships, tyres and all things green.

There's Sam and Sebastian, Theodora and Mirko, Fran, Rob, Me and Theo. Maggie and Pete, our neighbours, also turned up but managed to escape the photos!