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23 Aug 08

Levante Lifestyle Magazine

If you live in the Levante region of Spain, that is anywhere from Roquetas de Mar up the coast to Murcia and Cartagena and inland to Baza, try and get hold of this month's Lifestyle magazine. It's themed around green living. They've done a fab article on the earthship (click here to read it online) and our very first eco living article is appearing in it too (click here to read it online).

If you're visiting the site for the first time, welcome, we hope you enjoy following the progress of our earthship here in the Province of Almeria. We'd love to hear your comments and if you'd like us to send you an email when we update the site subscribe here.

Incidentally, the Living Design advert on page 64 features one of my paintings (Hot Sands) - it's all happening this month!


Santi helps again

Dave and Santi spent this last weekend working on the earthship. Of course I went along too but didn't have the pleasure (??) of sleeping under the stars on Saturday night. While I was driving home to feed the numerous animals we seem to have accumulated they both made great progress with the can infill walls.

23aug082 23aug083

Cans or rocks?

On Sunday I drove back over to the land stopping on my way to collect empty cans from the roadside - it's surprising how many get thrown out of car windows. Even so, we didn't have enough to do all the infill so we used rocks instead (see left hand pic below). After trying both I must say that cans are so much easier and quicker to use.

23aug085 23aug084

Back beam finished

This time we measured twice and cut once. We think the joint is so much neater than our last attempt, just goes to prove that practise makes perfect - well nearly.

Dave and Santi after a long weekend's work. Thank you Santi, we really appreciate all your hard work.

Not only did they do the can infill walls for the roof and finish the back beam, they also pounded 4 tyres for the round room. No mean feat for a very hot August weekend.


Round room tyres.