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25 Jun 11


I left Dave at the 'ship last night and came home to feed the animals with the promise I'd be back in the morning. It's been a long old week with very hot and heavy work so Dave wasn't convinced I'd be back. As it happened I went to bed early and got up early, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I sorted the animals, the bins, bla, bla, bla, the usual household stuff then got in the car and did the long drive to the 'ship.

It was a lovely morning, even quieter on the road through the mountains than normal. As I went past Lubrin I could see the Guardia in the distance, with no other cars on the road I knew I'd get stopped, and so I did. I'm not sure quite what happened, they ummed and aahed over the paperwork, went to their car and started copying down some details, then came back and said I could go. All in all I was there for about 10 minutes and I'm still not sure if I've been fined for something or not. The post will tell I guess.

So a little later than anticipated I arrived at the 'ship to find Dave on the roof just finishing another section. That's half the main roof done, half to go.

We started by fitting the other skylight with all that involved then got down to some stuffing and dancing, cutting and screwing down the plywood panels. We worked and worked and worked, stopped for a spot of lunch, worked, stopped for a piece of cake, worked and worked....and finished!

What a long day, but so satisfying.