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26-27 July 2013

Skylight sillyness

We collected the last piece of opaque rectangular glass on the way this morning with the thought that we'd finish the main roof skylights.

A good thought that didn't quite work as we forgot to get the insulation rubber. Never mind, we had enough to finish one skylight off.

We very carefully cleaned the top of the first piece of glass, sealed it in with silicone then stuck on the rubber insulation tape which will form the inside of our homemade double glazing. Then I cleaned one side of the other sheet of glass, we put a bead of silicone around the rubber tape and gently eased the glass in place. A last squigge of silicone sealed the edges and set it in place for good. We were made up! It was only a little later when I came to clean the top of the glass that we realised we'd put it on upside down - so the dirty side was INSIDE the double glazing - aaaaargh!

Luckily the bottom sheet is opaque so the dirtiness doesn't show... much, but how stupid did we feel?! At some later date (when we have time on our hands, ha, ha) we'll take it out and do it properly.

I have no photos of this debacle.

Tyring work in this heat

At about 7pm when it was only 30 degrees C outside, we started to clear the ground for the next 2 or 3 tyres of the protection wall.

The following morning we started at 7am and, including last nights, did 6 tyres. I'd forgotten what good exercise this tyre work is.


DIY shed

The next big job we're planning to do soon is to level the floor ready for, well I'm not entirely sure yet. It's probably going to be a mix of reclaimed terracota tiles, stone and oiled mud.

To do that we need to clear out the space of all the bits'n'pieces that have crept in there. A waterproof area needed to be created and in true Blue Peter fashion we found a few cocktail sticks and some sticky backed plastic and made a shed.

Here's Dave doing a jigg in front of the shed frame. Why is he doing a jigg? Well I don't know do I! Maybe it was a wind dance because later that day the wind decided to test our shed. As we left it was still standing, who knows what we'll find when we get back though.



I can't remember if I mentioned what's been happening with Daniel, the lovely architect who has been doing all the technical work needed for our permits. I won't go into detail, suffice to say that he's been very ill since last December. Even so, he still carried on with our project. But now, after a major operation, he is in need of absolute rest. I'd like to take this opportunity to send our love and best wishes to Daniel, and hope you will all send him healing thoughts. He's been a star and we're looking forward to getting him on site again.

So, until Daniel comes back, Monica his friend and colleague, is going to be working on the project. We really enjoyed showing her around the 'ship Friday evening, she was so enthusiastic about it. We're looking forward to working with her on it.

Although I now have a big long list of drawings and details to send to her - better get on with it I suppose....