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24 Jan 2012

Happy New Year!

And it is so far. Dave's fingers are getting better everyday. He's even back to doing the washing up! Although he still has no proper feeling in the ends yet and can't bend them very well. But with the daily exercises from the physio and twice a week appointments with her where she bends and smacks and twists them until he winces, the progress they're making is heartening. We may even get back to working on the Earthship next month.

At the physiotherapists

Below: Fingers repairing well, the parts that were cut keep going through a series of healing and blistering where the skin underneath keeps regenerating itself and throwing off the top layer.


Planning news

Even though no physical work has been happening at the 'ship we've been working on the building permission paperwork. Just before Christmas we had a visit from Daniel, one of the architects who's been helping us through the process. He was keen to see the progress we'd made on the roof and we had paperwork to go through with him. He's now doing the amends and additions that are needed. Fingers crossed this will be the final set.


Bootiful Blossom

Spring has come early with one of the mildest winters we've had since we've been here. So the almond blossom has sprung to life weeks earlier than usual. I just hope we don't get a late frost or snow fall which could ruin the crop.

I've been playing around with HDR processing and getting in a right muddle. Never was very good with numbers and keep getting my f-stops mixed up with me ISOs and hundreths of seconds. Anyway, here's some of my first attempts, hopefully I can improve on this. The grainy texture is quite nice, but I'd like to get things a lot sharper.

IMG 1482 fused500
IMG 1490 fused500
IMG 1510 fused500
IMG 1645 tonemapped500