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02 Sep 2012

Would you believe it?!!

I think I should be saying a big thank you to all who sent the rain down here. I no sooner posted the page last week when, that night, we were woken by a huge clap of thunder and torrential rain! Phew - the temperatures have dropped and the plants are drinking deeply. I hope you've had the sun in return....

Reclaimed beams

In the winter we heard about some old roof beams that were begging for a home, so we obliged and hauled them over to the 'ship to be used....for something. And here is the first beam being put in place as the corner finisher on the front face. The main doors will be put in line with this and a can and bottle wall built either side.


The growing wall

Slowly but surely the walls are growing. I spend time when at home shredding the newspaper and making the bottle bricks. The soil that is coming off the walls is being sifted and going straight into making the fidobe. Saves hauling it outside.


Finger lickin' good

An update on Dave's fingers for all you kind souls who sent him best wishes and healing thoughts. It's 10 months since the accident and, as you can see, they've healed very well and bend nearly all the way. He has sensation back in all but a few areas.

Strangely, the index finger has healed better than the middle finger. If you remember, the index finger was in danger of being amputated for a while after the accident. The middle finger, although healed doesn't straighten or bend fully. We have an appointment with the trauma specialist this week to see if the tendons need shortening slightly.

If you can't remember what they were like after the accident, brace yourselves and take a peek here