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29 Oct 09

Round room entrance

Enough of those darned ceiling planks, today we gave ourselves a treat and decided to finish off the bond beam for the round room. This means doing the bit between the walls, which will be viewable when finished. Because of this we're using the lovely ceiling logs which will need to be cut and joined very neatly. Here's a pic of the before, the thin bits of wood are there as temporary supports for the columns.


A piece of rope held the log in position while we marked it for cutting.


And here's the after shot. We still have a bit of fine tuning to do and everything needs securing in place somehow, but I think when it's finished it should look very in-keeping with the rest of the ceiling.


A close up of one of Dave's very nicely fitted joints.


While he was doing the fine tuning on the joints I got the cane and net out and bashed the hell out of a few almond trees, ahem, I mean I picked some almonds. Although our trees still need a lot of tlc, some have given a very reasonable crop this year.


Butterfly Faces

This is a little project we've been working on recently.

Have you ever studied a human face and noticed how, surprisingly, it is often anything but symmetrical? The photographs in the Butterfly Faces project show faces as they are (centre), and with each side of the face ‘butterflied’ to give a completely symmetrical right side and left side view. Go to Butterfly Faces for more info and to butterfly your own face.