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13-14 Dec 2012

A long time coming

Dave has been itching to do this part of the roof for ages - the join between the round and rectangular rooves. He's been contemplating how to do it for many hours and at last has started on it. The wooden structure is to hold the cork chips in place and give the section strength as we'll need to stand on it at times to clean the dome windows.

13-14dec1201 13-14dec1202
13-14dec1203 13-14dec1205

Repair and fill

While Dave was doing the roof I was tidying out below. The round room had become the dumping ground for the cane trimmings and the utility room had become a store for all sorts of stuff. After the floods in September it's been taking a while for the ground to dry out because the temperature has dropped so much so we needed to clear everything to give it as much of an airing as possible. Also some of the bottle bricks had filled with water and needed undoing, washing out and re-sticking.


We also did the last of the can infill sections and I did some mud filling on the wall.