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Earthship Almeria News

We have lift off!!!

After nearly 7 1/2 years we're finally in - pheeeeeuw!

Sorry for the silence over the summer, we were working our socks off in temps of 30-40c to get the earthship ready enough to live in. I say ready enough because as you'll see from the photos there's still lots to do, but we don't mind living with rough walls and no running water yet. It'll be much easier to finish now we're here. I'll keep posting our progress, and might even back date a little to show our summer work, but for now here we are...

Below: The extra porch area is fly screened with yards of end of line voile. We've had to tack up some old umbrella fabric on the front as even though it's mid september the outside temps are still in the mid 30's.


Below: Tizzy and Charlie like to vary where they nap, as it's all new to them they're still testing for the best spots.


The dining area, can't wait to get the planter done so we can eat next to the plants providing the food.

We're keeping the cats in for a couple of weeks so they get used to the place and the planter is the perfect place for litter trays.

My brother and I made the dining table top from reclaimed wood. The base I rescued from a house clearance.


Below: I bought the sideboard about 3 years ago from a local auction rooms, have been itching to get it in place. It needs some tlc but the walnut veneer is in good condition for a piece so old.


Below: Freya's favourite spot at the moment on a pine chest we found by a roadside bin. The wardrobe was bought second hand years ago, I think it's French. The cast iron bed frame has followed me everywhere I've lived for the past 25 years, it was in a right state when I bought it and took ages to renovate, so I'm keeping it!


And then there was light!

I'm not saying Phil from Sunergy Almeria is a god, but we're thrilled to have electricity in the 'ship so we think he's great!

Below: The solar panel frames took a while to get in, the photo shows the security frame being welded into position.

The bottom photo shows Phil and Dave with said light, standing next to the chest freezer we're using as a fridge. We'll let you know how it goes.


And then there was internet!

And lastly Dave put in the Tooway internet system. It doesn't seem real yet, to be sitting at my desk INSIDE the earthship writing this post. For the last 7 years I've been doing it from my studio at Cortijo Arriba. No doubt it'll feel like second nature soon enough ;-)

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