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January 2015

Bathroom sink unit finished

When we're out and about I'm nearly always the one that spots bits 'n' bobs near the roadside bins that need rescuing. Dave is the one who manages to squeeze them in the car.

Then, eventually, I think up a use for said item. We rifle through our extensive stores of old wood, I come up with a plan and Dave gets to work putting it together.

This all sounds very simple doesn't it? Not so, unfortunately work and other things don't allow for many of these projects to get completed. So when one does it deserves a fanfare.... so here I am blowing our horn!

An old dressing table with wash stand potential

We found this old dressing table looking very sad and dilapidated at a rubbish dump - yes I take Dave to the best places.

It's drawers were missing and it's legs dangling off. The mirror was nowhere to be seen, the surround shattered into many pieces. But I thought it had so much potential, I mean look at those legs!

So we brought it home and gave it some tlc by glueing the legs back on. Then it stood in our store room with a little label on it saying earthship bathroom. Ok, so it didn't really have a label, that was in my head.

I did a little sketch of how it could work as a sink unit. It's drawers would need replacing and a cupboard creating below. I wanted the legs to be visible though as they're so pretty.

I approached a carpenter who gave me a sharp intake of breath and said why don't you buy a new sink unit and leave this as is? I can see his point, but we needed a sink unit not a dressing table.

Anyways, last summer Dave eventually had the time to start work on it...

The sink was another roadside find
The cupboard is made from a selection of reclaimed wood

Dave got it to a stage where everything was ready to be finished, as in sanded, waxed or painted. He then handed it over to me.

I'd originally planned to white wash it, but the old wood is so beautiful that all I did was treat it against woodworm, I then gave it a light sand and a double coat of wax.

I lined the drawers and shelves with gift wrap - glued in place.

The ceramic flower handles were bought in Almeria years ago and have been packed away just waiting for a job like this.

We still need to plumb the sink in and add taps of course, but we're so pleased with how well it fits into the earthships bathroom, anyone would think it was designed that way....

Hope you like it as much as we do.

Paper lined drawers and waxed doors
Its all in the detail
Upcycled and proud to be old

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