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May 2015

June 20th Earthship Spain visit

For all those who've contacted us about visiting, nows your chance, but spaces are limited so get in quick!

We will be open for a visit on Saturday 20th June.

Please email me to reserve your place, a little info on who you are and why you'd like to visit would be nice :-)


May visitors

Still on the subject of visits. We had a few peeps visit last week. They're planning to build their own earthships so were keen to experience a finished one (well nearly finished!). And also to try out a bit of tyre work and can infill.

It was a lovely day, thank you to Michael, Beata and Anders for bringing a lovely energy.

We're glad you enjoyed your day and hope our little abode has inspired you.

Anders and Beata getting stuck into tyre pounding
And then a bit of can infill in the water tank
Watermelon smiles

First day out disaster struck

How long has it taken us to finish the darned fencing so our precious little cats can go outside without fear of being attacked by hunting dogs?

We thought it was nice and safe for them so let them out. Tizzy, Mocca and Charlie all had a good nosey around and enjoyed rolling in the dirt. Ylang Ylang chose not to partake - she's more than happy inside she says. And then little Freya took her turn outside, and did she scamper around all happy and puffed up? Oh yes she did!

It was at about 3.30am the next morning that the start of the trouble began. Freya woke us up coughing and coughing. It sounded like she had something stuck down her throat. So, at a more decent hour, we took her to the local vet who couldn't find anything. He gave her an antibiotic in case she had an infection and some anti-inflammatories to soothe her throat and told us to bring her back on Monday.

Anyway, to cut a very long and arduous story short, we ended up rushing her to the vet in Mojacar (an hour away) who found out she has leukaemia. This explains a lot as since she came to us last June she's always been on the thin and not quite healthy side.

We think when she was outside she ate some grass and scratched up her throat, which then brought on the cough, which then made it hard for her to eat and drink, which then compromised her already fragile immune system.

Since then it's been almost a full time nursing job trying to keep her hydrated and getting some food inside her to build up her immune system.

Only in the last few days have we seen a real improvement, last night she even went to her food bowl to try and eat on her own.

We've been giving her all sorts of supplements recommended by Claire at Girasol as well as homeopathic treatment from another friend, and all the conventional medication too. I think everything has helped her start to recover - both vets had told us that the chances of recovery were very slim. So thank you to everyone who has helped, we really do appreciate all the help and advice. It seems to have done the trick. Fingers crossed she continues to improve.

IMG 2979
Trying to hydrate Freya with a drip
IMG 2983
Off the drip and enjoying the sun

Almanzora Valley Garden Club

Lastly, we'd like to say a big thank you to all the fellow wombles at the AVGC who brought along old newspapers and empty drink cans last Friday. They'll be put to good use over the next few months!

I hope you enjoyed the earthship update I gave. Pat told me there were about 190 members at the club that day. If you're interested in gardening in this area I'd recommend joining AVGC, they meet at the Pedro Gilabert Museum in Arboleas the first Friday of every month.

The graph below is one of the slides from the presentation showing how well the earthship is working. With -2C temps outside the lowest temps we had inside were 15.8C, and that was after about 3 days with no sunshine. In general temperatures remained between 18C at night going up to 22C during the day. In January during the day we were in jeans and t-shirts inside and having to wrap up well to go out. All this with no back-up heating.

I know this is what was supposed to happen, but we're still amazed at how well it does actually work!

temp graph
The min temps are at night, the max during the day

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