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March 2016

After a year and a half of living in the earthship we're really settling into life here. Beginning to learn the patterns of the land, seeing the repeat flora and fauna of the area. These little fellas are back, there are masses of them happily flying around and feasting on the nectar of dandelions and Anthyllis cytisoides (no common name, I call it a shrubby vetch).

Not much actual building has happened, well none in fact! But things have been brewing and closure made...

5-spot burnet

Permaculture plans

When we moved to this area I was so excited to join the local permaculture gardening group run by Helen Evans of Eco Local Almeria Blog fame.

I've been pawing over various books on the subject after seeing an inspirational YouTube video on the Krameterhorf in Austria, a paradise in the Alps created by Sepp Holzer.

Last year I started to contact the Holzer project to see if there was a possibility of them coming and reviewing our land with hopes to create a water retention landscape here, a paradise in the desert. And last week Josef Holzer (Sepp's son) and his colleague Jens arrived and spent a day with us. We walked the land (in gale force winds), had some lunch and they talked through the possibilities, then we did some more walking. It was an amazing day and we thank them both for their precious time and inspirational ideas.

You can see a clip of the film here and follow this link or click on the photo to go to their web site.

Holzer Permaculture
Josef and Jens after an amazing day

Sad times

In January 2015 Daniel, one of the architects who worked on getting approval for our earthship, passed away from cancer. He was very young which made it even more upsetting.

Daniel stuck with our project through thick and thin. He was passionate about eco builds. I remember him saying after some ridiculous technicality that had popped up with the Diputacion, that if this stopped us getting approval he'd give up being an architect. As I said, he was passionate and very dedicated.

In honor of such a dedicated and kind hearted man who was a positive force in our project we have created a little memory. A plaque made from a piece of wood cut from one of our roof beams on a bench that looks towards the earthship. A few of his colleagues and friends came, and his partner Dominique and I unveiled the plaque.

Daniel and Dave back in 2011

"A life that touches others goes on forever" - you'll always be here with us Daniel, thank you.

Dominique and I unveil the plaque

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