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Earthships love Kickstarters

knitters sheep yarn socks
Izzy with one of my favourite sheep, the Wensleydale

Cruelty free socks, yarn and throws

A friend saved a newspaper article for me with just 2 lines of text and a link to this Kickstarter. The word yarn and sheep somewhere in those 2 lines grabbed my attention so I took the time to check out the link. And was I impressed! So impressed that I had to mail you about it, and ya know I don't email often so you get how impressed I was.

Izzy Lane is my hero (or is that heroine?) She's rescued 600 sheep from slaughter and is trying her best to help renew a wool and clothing industry in the UK that is close to ruin. Have you heard how many mills have closed down?

Now I know you're not all knitters or sheep lovers or even vegetarians. But you all wear socks right? And you want those socks to be fabulous? Well the range of socks Izzy Lane is hoping to produce if she can get enough pledges for her Kickstarter project are definitely that. And they come from extremely happy, well looked after, non mulsed (Google it if you don't know), sheep. And if that's not enough, they're totally UK grown and manufactured.

It's not much to pledge something towards this Kickstarter - for the price of a curry you get to keep your toes hot all winter! And if she reaches her goal we all get to sample the cruelty-free socks, yarns and throws she's going to be using UK mills to produce from her stash of happy wool.

I won't go on, I know you're all busy people, but I do urge you to get on over and read Izzy Lane's story and pledge a little (or a lot!) to help this Kickstarter in a very good cause - and let's all get to wear a pair or three of Izzy Lane scrumptious socks this winter!

Oh, and don't be greedy, share with your friends so they can have toasty toes too.

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Wensleydale knitted socks
Cool Wensleydale contrast socks
shetland wool knitters
Can't wait to get my hands on this yarn too!

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