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new land small

So what did happen to May?

I meant to post this two weeks ago, then I blinked and it was 1st June. As you'll read in this newsletter, which I'm still calling the May newsletter, it's been a super busy month. Here's what you'll find:

1. A plot of land for the bees - the newest addition to the bee nature reserve.

2. Preparing for summer - wool fleece for stuffing the new soft sculptures

3. The next mandala template - the much loved poppy

4. The new Facebook Mandala Magic group - a safe space to share just for you

A new plot of land for the bees

A toast and a huge thank you to all who bought bee prints and so helped towards buying a little more land to re-wild. Just under a hectare was saved from the plough last year when we started purchase talks with the owner. It was going to be ploughed because the owner has been trying to change it's status from grassland to productive for a few years and has had it ploughed every couple of years in an attempt to do so. Not because they wanted to or have ever planted any crops, just because it's worth more if it's designated productive, ho hum.

Anyhoo, the recent lockdown (and interminable paperwork) delayed purchase proceedings, but we're delighted to announce it went through three weeks ago. We're still sorting the registration paperwork (paperwork, paperwork again!), but we're pretty confident it's ok to make a toast to this addition to the Cuevas de Sol earthship nature reserve.

If you'd like to take part in the protection of the wild and haven't done so already, buy a bee print. All profits from my art goes towards buying land to re-wild and protect from the plough, leaving it to grow into a nature reserve for bees and other fauna and flora. And there's still a 25% discount on prints so if you've been thinking about getting one now is the time to do it as this only runs until lockdown is over (which is looking like mid June here in Spain).

1080x1080 may2020 greychair

Preparing for Summer

The easing of lockdown is in full swing here in Spain and so are the preparations for summer in earthship land. After weeks and weeks of cloud and rain we have now dropped into full sun and searing summer temperatures. Our water tanks are full and our garden, which I let run riot with wild flowers in the Spring, is now in the process of a major tidy up. As much as I'd love to leave it to keep rewilding, living with the possibility of bush fires from now until October, we need to create a fire break around our home. The sheep and donkey are part of this clearing too. Their paddock forms a semi-circle around part of the garden creating a break in itself, plus all that I clear in the garden they enjoy eating. And then their poop nourishes the flower beds - it's a great system!

Talking of sheep, we sheared them a couple of weeks ago. Well when I say we, I mean Dave and a friend did. I helped with Dahling and Jaja, but realised that I wouldn't have the strength to help with the bigger boys Melchett and Binks. It's surprising how strong sheep are, and they have horns!

I'm so looking forward to using their fleeces, but first I need to pick and wash them. I'll be using some for stuffing the new soft sculptures that may be popping up on my web site soon. But I have quite a lot so if you'd like some reply to this email. It's so much nicer to use than synthetic stuffing and has a completely different (and I think better) feel when finished. But more on that another time.


The Popular Poppy

Who doesn't love poppies? They brighten up our fields and roadsides and herald the start of summer. This month's gift to you of the Poppy Mandala Meditation Template is in celebration of this much loved flower. This set is probably the last I'll be gifting for a while.

As always I'd love to see what you do with them so please tag me @lauradaviesart when you post pics on Facebook and Instagram.

Another gift to you is the new Facebook group, Mandala Magic, where you can post your pics and connect with each other about all things mandala. Maybe you have a story to tell about how mandala meditation has helped you through this strange time? Or maybe you just want to share the colour combinations you chose and why, or you draw your own mandalas and want to share in a safe space.

IMG 2028sml

Ok, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed May's newsletter and mandala template. Have a great June and stay safe. Hopefully I'll get back on track and you'll get June's newsletter in a couple of weeks ;-)

Big earthshippy bee-hugs

Laura xx

p.s. the first pic in this email is of the land you helped to buy, it's bursting with Spring flowers and full of bees and butterflies... and birds and other bugs.

And don't forget all bee prints are 25% off at the mo and all profits go towards saving more land for the bees.

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