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6 Dec 08

Last Friday

Just when you thought we were back to it and raring to go.... silence. Has work halted again? Naaa, we spent most of the morning of last week's work day with the carpenter discussing how to do the front face (greenhouse) carpentry. He's really concerned that it's strong enough to withstand the high winds we get here - what high winds I said? Dave smiled and thought of all that free electricity we're going to get from the wind turbine. Anyway, back to the carpentry. We're all agreed that the most effective and neat way to secure the columns to the base board and the top beam to the columns is with iron plates screwed into the wood. I think they look quite nice - industrial - but then I've probably been watching too many Grand Designs.

So we've ordered the wood and the iron work and convinced Juan to come and help us.

By the time we'd done this then got to the land we weren't feeling like doing much else. We did tidy around the front face to allow easy and safe access for the carpenter, deliberated over how deep we want the dome of the round roof to be, then had a late lunch and went home.

Below is our attempt to visualise the round room dome height with a bit of rebar and some sticky backed plastic, ahem, I mean a nylon strap. What d'ya think?


6 Dec 08

Bright and early we're at Juan's to lead the way to the site.

After all our deliberating over size, length and type of beams and columns they don't look like much when being unloaded from his van.


After measuring and marking where the columns are going they start to go up really quickly. Before we know it half of the top beam is being fitted. The thin piece of wood is there to hold the front face in place temporarily - doesn't look enough does it but we're assured it is.


This job involves a lot of hanging around - ha ha. Actually they're making sure there's a close fit between top beam and columns.

6dec084 6dec085

Below: The finished job. It took about 3 hours with everyone pitching in, not bad eh? Once this new square wood is colour matched to the round rustic beams (or vice versa) I think they'll work nicely together. Or should I say the juxtaposition of new and old creates a dynamic effect that enlivens the build and produces a natural link across time - I know, I know, too many Grand Designs.


Below left to right; Dave hiding behind column, Juan and his son Carlo, Juan's brother Fernando, and lastly Juan's eldest son Oscar. After all the furious weather we've had recently today was beautiful - sunny and no wind (what wind?). And with professional carpenters on site it made for a good days work. We're chuffed to bits, thanks everyone.