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7-10 Nov 2013

At last we've finished taking the round room wall back, Dave has done a sterling job on it and he's leveled the floor. He's also done the utility and bathroom walls and floor. What a star, his hands are only shaking a little bit from all that thumping.

While he was finishing the walls I started making the channels down the walls for the electrical conduit and socket back plates. Then Dave made the holes in the back boxes and fitted the conduit leaving me to mud it all in. Well, until my arm started to hurt, then we worked as a team - Dave slopping the mud on, me smoothing and doing the edges.

The first of many junction boxes
Mixing up a batch of wattle and daub

We're using the sifted mud from the walls plus a couple of hand fulls of shredded up cane trimmings from last year - our version of wattle and daub. As well as covering the conduits we've also mudded the whole of the earthcliff, leveling it as we went.

I didn't take many photos of this stage as it all looks pretty much the same, enough to say that we've mudded in all the conduit and junction boxes in the round room, the kitchen area and utility room.

finished wall with mudded in conduits

Cheers and night, night everyone!

It's been so mild this autumn that after a hard days work we've been enjoying sitting in front of the 'ship with a glass of something nice watching the sun go down, and we've had some stunning sunsets (and sunrises) to watch.


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