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8-9 Jul 11

Sieving and shaping

We spent these two days doing the fine tuning on the berm so we could lay the plastic on it. As our soil is mega rocky this meant sieving it so we have a smooth layer with no rocks sticking up to pierce the plastic.


Also shaping the gulley on the East (below left) which is a temporary thing until the round room roof is finished. And the gulley on the West side (below right) which will take the water from the roof to the water tank.

09jul1101 08jul1101

Dave screwed a piece of ply on the East side so we could berm up to it. This will stay in place even when the dome is fitted. You can just about see the wood supports in the pic on the right. He also did a similar thing on the West side where we still need to do the roof of the entrance area.

08jul1103 08jul1104

Here's the finished-ish berm. The plastic goes back across the berm by 4 metres so we still need to do more work on it, but this was sufficient for now.